Somergem Park

Urban planning

Integral transformation of the Tir neighborhood

The existing houses in Den Tir do not meet nowadays housing standards anymore and will make way for new affordable housing. The existing small houses will be replaced by a wide and contemporary variety of housing typologies. In the future there will be a place for young and old people in the renewed neighborhood, small and large families will be able to find a place and a part of the housing is reserved for elderly or handicapped. The current and new dwellers can choose between a house with a (compact) garden or an apartment with a view over the park. Besides the renewal of the housing stock, the public space will be completely renewed. Streets will become squares or new green space. The relation with the adjacent park will become stronger and custom made facilities will be placed around the new neighborhood.

1st place competition 2014, design development 2016


Aalst, Belgium

SHM Dewaco Werkerswelzijn

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