Urban planning

Living in the forest

In Genk South, a forest area is used to realize a high-quality and green living environment. The prepared master plan is based on the idea of an archipelago of different clusters of 50 homes each in the middle of the forest. 2DVW, in collaboration with V-ER, has made the design for three of these clusters with a total of 150 homes, based on the assumption that the experience of the forest will be retained and that the homes will actually be placed ‘in the middle of the forest’. The three clusters are in turn divided into different spacious residential areas, each surrounded by a natural edge that gives a clear and green image in the public space. Between these residential fields, the forest runs organically as a public space that connects the various parts of the neighbourhood and creates a collective whole.

The five neighbourhoods: Forest villas, Bel-storey houses, Bosschuur, Lookout villa, The Tower.

1st prize competition 2018


Stad Genk