Fintro Herentals


The project recognizes instantly the possibilities of a space that used to be at the back of the building. The extension takes place, in the space occupied by the former courtyard after demolishing its enclosure. The intervention, embedded as a piece, not only completes the back volume, but also gives scale, and closes, giving coherence to the whole construction; everything without renouncing at any moment to the architectural language, the richness of spaces and the creating of views.

The new piece configures as a small hall of 3.50m height, great transparency and lightness. Made by steel and transparent glass, and slightly elevated from the ground, it’s understood as a box of light that goes 9.70m in the heart of the construction. Always chasing the continuity, the intervention does not occupies all the empty space, but saves a small inner courtyard that connects the old and the new, acting as a diaphragm. Likewise, it sticks out externally breaking the facade line, as if the building box had been moved setting free at the back the space for the new courtyard. Thanks to this displacement, it creates an internal facade, giving entity and importance to the new intervention in spite of the small scale, while externally is perfectly understood the difference of volumes.

The meeting room of 21 m2 and the office of 18m2, the uses that the piece receives, are separated physical but not visually. From the outside they can be covered with a glance up to the new courtyard; is from the working space when both spaces are visually divided, easing the concentration in the job. The furniture, key element in this project, is made of cherry wood, in just one element with multiple functions, custom-made in order to harbor the objects that they hold before: heaters, printers, paper bins, even the coffee machine, all these uses are facilitated. The furniture acts like a big machine that divides the space. In the same way, the tables are adapted to get rid of annoying cables. The furniture is designed in an intelligent way to keep the space clean.


Herentals, Belgium

Milena Villalba

Ana Asensio