Building compact in a wide landscape 

Integrating the new program with maximum respect for the landscape, is the main challenge in this project. Living in a qualitative and sustainable way are required, at the same time it's important to secure the perspective, the view over the fields. To achieve this, attention has been paid to the following subjects: the position of the new buildings, creating a compact footprint of the buildings, typological choices for living and parking and other sustainability measures. The new public domain indicates added value to the open space of the near environment. 

The different typologies are mixed up and that leads to a mixture of different people. Young people will find a home here as well as elderly or families. By pushing the new buildings to the north edge as much as possible, the quality of the street as a walking and cycling path is optimized. In the created environment collective parking is provided. This means there is room for a sidewalk and a terrace in front of every door with a wide view over the fields.

1st prize competition 2019


SHM Ninove Welzijn

Denderhoutem (Haaltert), Belgium