Deca Factory


Exploring possibilities

Character of this company. The result is a-building-in-one-piece where all the groups business parts are integrated. The new building presents itself as one robust building. The different functions are represented as aberrations to the main volume.

The complete building is cladded with steel façade profiles. Through the variation of the format of these point profiles cladding, the scale of the different façades is nuanced. The image of the building changes with the position of the sun and is always different depending on the moment in the day. The cladding is not a standard material. The profile is custom made for this project. The development of the material was a close collaboration between our designers and Arcelor Mittal.

The result is a façade where three different folded profiles are used. By changing the angle of the fold, a play of light and color emerges. Although the whole building has only one color, the different folding provides variation and liveliness in the image. The façade of the office is finished with the same façade profiles. Only here the profiles are perforated and movable, so they act as traditional sunshadings.

Completed 2016


Herentals, Belgium

Deca Packaging Group

Klass Verdru