Bureau Vormingplus


The company Vormingplus has 13 centres in Belgium and it’s dedicated to the teaching of personal, social and cultural skills, through innovation, experience and inclusion of those people to who is hard to find an educational path. Starting from this point, Vormingplus looks for spaces that allow a sociocultural interaction, a playful environment that provides comfortable learning. The centre in Antwerp is placed in the second floor of an old warehouse, a pre-existing almost rectangular space, marked by reinforced concrete pillars and hanging beams, a big facility that must accommodate the 35 employees of the centre as well as the many customers who visit it, taking into account the need to create spaces for collaboration, communication, celebration and relax.

Accessing through the midpoint of the longest side, after the RDVA intervention the facility is going to be organized in a big central hall and two areas to the left and right side. In these sides the toilets are going to be placed, also material storage, multipurpose rooms, kitchen with lounge and dining room. The big main rectangle has a central and longitudinal piece that divides the space: this piece organizes the circuit, the open and common room around it, at the same time that enables more private uses, such as the coordination room, library, information point, etc.

The central workstation, made by light panels of frosted glass that create attenuated or bright boxes, can change according to the needs, thanks to the sliding panels that allow more or less opening of that space. This flexibility ensures the lighting, transparency and security of the space.

The scenery of this main area emphasizes the industrial look: the original building appears naked, with its constructive elements and installations showing: porches with hanging beams, brickworks, with the prints of the formwork… everything unified by white colour, that blurs and makes the light bounce all over the room. The furniture has also a very important role in the organization of the office movement, not only because of the use that it’s given, but also for creating itself space division and its own volumes, always looking for flexibility, meeting points, and spaces of intimacy.


Berchem, Belgium


Milena Villalba

Ana Asensio