Bureau Optifisk


Milena Villalba

RDVA designed the interior of the Optifisk NV office as well as the building where is located, on part of the ground floor and the basement. The building, with 3 offices in the lower levels, 7 spacious apartments in levels 1 and 2, and an underground parking, stands out in the block with 4 facades with a great visual power, clearly differentiated from the outside the domestic and working uses through the election of material: external concrete at the street level shaped with a vertical trim and vertical wooden slats for the houses.

The direct link of RDVA with both designs gives the internal configuration project of the office a complete coherence in relation with the whole building. Its vision, besides, is aligned with the client’s vision, whose premise is to create a clear and neat office, of great transparency, where expressiveness, colour and warmth are also welcome and give the different spaces personality and closeness. The project stands between minimalism and artistic expression: the spaces full of serenity thanks to the treatment of light and the wise use of wood, the white, the oak flooring and the transparency of glazed spaces, they activate like unique pieces of art and design, including furniture, which gives personal identity and makes easy to recognize and differentiate each one of them.

To ensure the lighting of both lower levels, there is a courtyard at one of its ends. The reflection of the light on the whitish walls and the stone flooring, added to the reflection of the water from the pond, leads the light to the basement, at the same time that the sculpture made by overlapping wood trunks, of great verticality and intense red, catches and unifies the visual from both storeys.

This need of connecting the higher level and the basement is a constant intention that is perceived in all the gestures of the RDVA project. The communication core, to which other closed sections are added, turns into a central wooden box, element of reference in both levels. Except for this central box made in oak, all the rest is open spaces, therefore, the movement is free, or, in the case of those that require certain independence like the meeting room and the main offices, delimited by transparent glass panels that allow visual flow without saturating the space.

The final result, both, the entire building and the design of inner office space, is a construction of an important visual power, but at the same time is calm. The design work is multi-scalar, one can tell by the general configuration as well as by the small details, with a very careful work of the material. Everything is where it must be, in its right measure, building a balanced dialogue between users and architecture.


Frans Van Praet

Herentals, Belgium

Milena Villalba