News & Updates

  • First prize in Gooreind!

    25 january 2020

    2DVW (JDWA+RDVA) in collaboration with Atelier Ruimtelijk Advies wins the competition for the public space of a new housing development in Gooreind, Belgium.

  • Winning design in Rumst!

    18 january 2020

    2DVW (JDWA+RDVA) wins the competition for 37 new affordable homes in Rumst, BE. The new program is integrated in the context in an informal way while doubling the amount of public space in the existing street

  • 2DVW-trip

    30 october 2019

    Last week we went on a trip! We visited the construction sites Schuurblok Ranst, Polderparel, Woonhof Klimop en 't Ankerhofke.

  • Winning design Dwarsstraat Haaltert!

    28 june 2019

    2DVW wins the competition to build 24 houses in the centre of Haaltert.

  • De Bosschen

    21 june 2019

    New pictures of De Bosschen by Milena Villalba

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  • Paandererf

    21 june 2019

    New pictures of Paandererf by Milena Villalba

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